Australia’s Top End is a lush, seductive, tropical region on the remote tip of the massive, dry and ancient landscape of the Northern Territory. On the turquoise coast there are palm trees; inland are winding rivers, grassy wetlands, gorge pools and ochre escarpments.

The vistas of the Top End can take a little adjusting to – in the heat of the day the landscape can appear over-exposed, sun blasted; yet in the softer light of morning or evening, the bushland can become a richly textured work of art that can speak directly to your soul. It is a land of myths and stories that sometimes seem too outlandish to be true, but are.

The grandeur of nature is not the only thing you will experience on Spirit of the Land Tours. Australia’s Top End is a kaleidoscope of cultures: English, Aboriginal, Chinese, Greek and scores of other nationalities and races all work, intermarry and live side by side in harmony.

Spirit Of The Land tour mapFor thousands of years this land has been home to tribes of Aborigines. It contains the greatest collection of ancient rock art in the world. Aboriginal people walked over the grey gritty sandstone of Kakadu and Arnhem Land long before the birth of Jesus Christ, the siege of Troy and the dawn of civilisation in the Tigris and Euphrates Valleys.

Spirit Of The Land Tours will introduce you to, or remind you of, the rich and diverse landscape that is Australia, both sparse and extravagant, depending on the season; a land that calls out to your spirit and wraps you in its timeless mystery.

Spirit Of The Land Spirit Of The Land Spirit Of The Land

With appreciation and acknowledgement to David Hancock’s The Top End for text excerpts.